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Mauricio Panisset

Mauricio Panisset, a phenomenal man open to his extraordinary healing gifts with magnificent lights. When Mauricio performed a healing, lights would literally soar out of his body like lightening flashes.

Mauricio brought the Light Energization to the US.  He was a native of BrazilMauricio Panisset was known as the “Man of Light”.  Dr. Wayne Dwyer, in his book Real Magic: Creating Miracles in Everyday Life, and Shirley MacLaine, in her book Going Within, share their personal experiences with this world respected healer. His biography can be read in Man of Light by

Kimberly Panisset Curcio, who is a world respected healer, teacher and Mauricios widow.
Kimberly has formalized and continues Mauricio’s work by training dedicated and serious healers how to perform this extraordinary and powerful process. There is only one place in the world that teaches this amazing technique, Delphi University, and its students are meticulously trained.

 Mauricio Panisset, known as The Man of Light

About Delphi
Delphi University is a world-renowned school of spiritual training, energy healing, metaphysics, holistic healing, esoteric & self-enlightenment studies, transpersonal psychology, psychic training, and intuitive development.  Founded by Patricia Hayes in 1974, Delphi is the place for those seeking to Discover, Develop, Enhance, and Refine their Spiritual Gifts and Abilities, as well as to Grow, Transform, and Heal themselves. Learn more about Delphi by logging onto

Coming Soon- A documentary film, Manifestation of Miracles, featuring Mauricio Panisset and his healing light.

Starring Kimberly Pannisset Curcio

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