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     ENERGY              BALANCE                    PEACE    

  The amazing Power of a Light Energization Session

The Brazilian Light Energization invokes higher spiritual frequencies and radiations of light from the cosmic realm to embrace and align your spiritual astral bodies.

This sacred vibration opens spiritual gateways to other dimensions and higher levels of consciousness.

 The initiation ignites and safely expands your kundalini energy to facilitate inner peace and harmony, expanding and balancing your major chakras.

Energization evokes a mystical experience in which a sacred connection is made between you and spirit. Energization is for those who desire a spiritual awakening or renewal.

Leave your stress behind and immerse yourself in an unparalleled relaxation
with Light Energization

This site was created out of love and appreciation for our teachers of Delphi who continue to carry on the work of Patricia Hayes through Delphi University. Without the wonderful staff of spiritual beings at Delphi we would not be able to offer these ground breaking healing modalities.







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